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Are You Suffering From Swollen Feet? Check Out This Comfortable Footwear!

Are You Suffering From Swollen Feet? Check Out This Comfortable Footwear!

Diabetic patients need to choose their footwear precisely as the wrong choice can increase the risk of foot ulcers that can be really painful and serious as well. The good care of feet starts with the diabetic footwear collection of Comfort Finds. Here, we have Diabetic Boots and men’s open toe edema slippers that are just perfect for people with diabetes, edema, swollen feet and sensitive skin. If you are also suffering from diabetes then you must go through the article in order to gather some informative stuff regarding the amazing collection.

  • Comfort

Men’s open-toe edema slippers feature Poly Sherpa lining which is super soft and gives a comforting hug to the swollen feet. The Velcro strap can also be easily adjusted according to the foot size. The padded foam feels just like pillows below the feet and relaxes your feet really well.

  • Design

The design features an easy on and off strap that can be customized. The shoes feature a great depth that totally eliminates the pressure on the tired feet. The soft lining and padded foam are just ideal for the people suffering from arthritis, neuropathy and diabetes.

  • Perfect Grip on the Bottom
You can easily walk around in the house without the fear of slipping off as these men’s edema slippers feature non-slippery bottom.
On the other hand, Edema boots are another comfortable option for diabetic patients. These diabetic boots feature a non-restricting design and soft padded lining to relax your swollen feet. The strap can be customized easily to fit into your comfort zone. It is available in different colors like pink, black, blue etc. so that you can pick the color of your choice.
We hope that after going through this article you must be preparing to order a perfect pair for yourself.
Looking For The Perfect Slipper? We Have Options For You!

Looking For The Perfect Slipper? We Have Options For You!

Finding the perfect slipper is hard, and it is often overlooked. Slippers are very important, especially if you have swollen feet or diabetes. That is why Comfort Finds has a variety of slippers that are great for swollen or sore feet!

What Makes A Great Slipper?

We believe comfort, practicality, and safety make the best slippers. So, we created a list of five qualities of great slippers.

#1 Non-Slip Bottom

Your slippers should always have a nonslip bottom. Without a non-slip bottom, it may feel like you are walking around in socks. We do not want you to slip and fall, so our Men’s Open Toe Edema Slippers have a non-slip bottom to keep you safe.

#2 Adjustability

Slippers should fit right. If you have swollen feet, this can be a challenge. Good edema slippers will have some adjustability. This could be a velcro strap that allows you to customize the fit of the slipper or any other method that keeps the sole of your shoe the same while allowing you to tighten or loosen the fit around your foot.

#3 Support

If you have diabetes or swollen/sore feet, it is essential that you support your pressure points. Our edema slippers have soft foam cushions that feel like pillows cushioning your feet as you walk.

#4 Protective

Slippers should have a protective bottom. If you already have sensitive feet, the last thing you would want is to hurt them. A protective bottom would be similar to any shoe sole. It ensures that you will not cut your feet on anything around your house or in your front yard.

#5 Comfort

Comfort is absolutely essential to a good pair of slippers! They should be soft, cushioned, and fit correctly. Poly sherpa lining is one of the most comfortable options for any slipper or cushion.

Options from Comfort Finds

We offer a variety of slippers including the Men’s Open Toe Edema Slippers and Edema Boots. They come in several colors depending on your style. We hope you find the slipper that is best for you!

3 Ways Proper Diabetic Footwear Can Help You

3 Ways Proper Diabetic Footwear Can Help You

When you have diabetes, you have to take good care of your feet. Small things like a cut could have serious consequences, so you never really want to be barefoot. This can be an inconvenience, especially when you are at home. That is why Comfort Finds offers a variety of Diabetic Footwear.

What Options Do Comfort Finds Offer?

Comfort Finds has both socks and shoes for people with diabetes. Our selection includes Diabetic Swellsox, Diabetic Crew Socks, Edema Boots, Men’s Open Toe Edema Slippers, Ladies Cozy Sherpa Booties, and the Foot Pillow Heel Protector. Each of these options provides a unique solution to different diabetic foot problems.

How Can Diabetic Footwear Help Me?

Footwear for people with diabetes can prevent complications from arising down the road. If you or a loved one has diabetes, here are three ways these footwear options can help you.

#1 Protect Your Feet

It is essential to protect your feet if you have diabetes. Our selection of footwear can protect your feet from stepping on something in your home. Most of our options also have adjustable straps to provide the perfect fit just for you!

#2 Comfort Your Feet

Another important factor when choosing your footwear is your comfort. Our footwear is guaranteed to be comfortable because of its soft pool sherpa lining and adjustable straps. They also feature non-slip bottoms to keep you securely on the floor.

#3 Improve Circulation

Good circulation is essential to maintaining foot health. Diabetic socks are an easy way to maintain good circulation. They have a loose fit that will accommodate most feet and should fit over casts and other dressings.

Diabetic Footwear Can And Will Help You

Our footwear options provide a variety of solutions for foot care issues. We carry a selection of different sizes, colors, and designs so that you can find the footwear option that best suits your needs. 

You do not need to have diabetes to love this type of footwear. Anyone who has swollen feet or likes comfortable shoes to wear at home could benefit from this type of footwear.