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Wheelchair Poncho- Perfect For Both Summers And Winters

Wheelchair Poncho- Perfect For Both Summers And Winters

Ponchos have been in the fashion trend from the past many years. Are you in search of the wheelchair poncho that is stylish and comfy at the same time? If yes, then you have reached the right platform as here we are going to introduce you with the best wheelchair poncho available in the collection of Comfort Finds. Let’s have a look at its highlighted features to know it in a better way.

  • This wheelchair poncho can be worn comfortably in both summers and winters. The winter version includes a Sherpa lining which is quite warm and gives you the perfect warmth required in snowy days. Whereas on the other hand, summer’s version of this poncho is quite light in weight and is integrated with a cotton lining.
  • This poncho is really different from the standard ponchos available in the market. It offers you the flexibility to move your arms around and do the basic things while sitting on your wheelchair.
  • It is really convenient to wear as it gets slip all over your body while covering the wheelchair as well. The back of this poncho is designed small as to avoid the interference during the movement of wheels. Along with this, it features a front zipper that makes the wear and removal of poncho quite effortless. It is really a helping hand for the old people whose movements get restricted due to the age factor.
  • Apart from the ergonomic design of this poncho, it is completely waterproof and can be easily washed in the machine as well.
  • It is available in four different colors- Navy, Pink, Forest and Black so that you can pick the one that goes with your choice. All the colors suit all the age groups which are pretty great.