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Wheelchair Poncho- Perfect For You And Your Wheelchair!

Wheelchair Poncho- Perfect For You And Your Wheelchair!

Wearing a poncho while sitting in a wheelchair is quite a task for a person, but not when you have the perfect one for yourself. The online store of Comfort Finds has launched a comfort collection featuring an amazing poncho that offers protection to you and your wheelchair as well and that too in every season. Isn’t that quite amazing?

The wheelchair poncho is available in both summer and winter versions. The summer version is light in weight and has got a cotton lining so that you can beat the harsh summer heat. Whereas the winter version has got a warm and cozy poly Sherpa lining which is just perfect for the snowy days. The poncho easily slips all over the body and doesn’t restrict the movements of the wheelchair at all as it is integrated with the short back design.

The front zipper makes things much more convenient as you can easily wear and take off the poncho while sitting in your wheelchair. It is completely waterproof and you can roam around the streets and enjoy the rain while wearing it. It is available in four different colors-navy, black, pink and forest.

Get Your Hands On The Cooling Sports Bra Now!

Get Your Hands On The Cooling Sports Bra Now!

All women out there agree to the fact that finding an ideal cooling sports bra is quite a daunting task. Some of the local stores do have a lot of variety but lacks comfort and style. That’s why Comfort Finds has launched the sports bra which is stylish as well as comfortable and comes in an affordable price range as well.

The bra has got an amazing airflow design that doesn’t let the moisture to build inside and allows you to stay cool all day long. Besides this, it has got no painful wires and hooks that irritate the skin by digging into it. They are efficiently substituted by wide straps that reduce pressure on the shoulders and offer a perfect lift also.

This bra can be worn while doing daily household chores, lifting exercises at the gym, sleeping or casually roaming around the streets.The non-restricting design allows you to stay in your comfort zone for prolonged hours. The non-chafing band and the smooth fabric offers a custom fit that easily goes with the curves of your body.

In short, you must have this bra in your wardrobe and leverage its benefits and you can thank us later.  

Check Out The Comfortable Armrest Cushion Now

Check Out The Comfortable Armrest Cushion Now

The comfortable cushions are one of the primary accessories that you need while travelling long distances or exciting new ventures. Long journeys are quite fun and adventurous, but sometimes they can turn out to be really exhausting as well.

To make your journey much more comfortable, you need to check out the amazing car armrest cushion featured in the collection of Comfort Finds. It is integrated with a soft foam that reduces the pressure from your arms and offers firm support and lifts at the same time. The hard consoles of the car can be harsh on our hands and skin as well.

To avoid the discomfort, the cushion comes with a velour cover that offers a soft touch on the skin. Besides offering you the best comfort, the cushion doesn’t block the access to the storage area. The cushion is available in two sizes- medium and large so that you can select the one that fit your needs.

The installation process is also quite easy.You just have to place the cushion on the console of your car and wrap the elastic strap around it and you are good to go.  

Get Acquainted With Adult Size Bibs

Get Acquainted With Adult Size Bibs

Looking for bibs that are specially designed for adults in the local stores can turn out to be a daunting task. That’s why to keep you all away from the hustle, the online store, Comfort Finds has launched bibs that are ideal for adults. They are just lifesavers for the caregivers as now they don’t have to worry about those harsh food stains.

The bib collection includes lightweight bibs, waterproof bibs, bibs with a crumb catcher pocket and many more disparate bibs with different patterns and colors. You can simply find out the one that matches your needs and style as well. All bibs are made of premium quality material and can be washed easily in a machine.

These adult size bibs offer a wide clothing coverage that covers your chest and stomach area efficiently and you can enjoy your meals without any fear of accidental food spills. Apart from this, the Velcro and snap closure features make the take-off procedure quite convenient, especially for the individuals who struggle with restricted hand movements.

The bibs are available within a reasonable price range and you can buy in bulks as well. Check out the collection now!