Comfort Finds offers a variety of men’s comfort clothes. We have footwear, wind shirts, and incontinence briefs. Our selection of Men's Incontinence Briefs includes our Men’s Reusable Incontinence Cool Dry Adult Briefs, Men’s Reusable Incontinence Briefs, and Men’s Reusable Incontinence Briefs in a pack of three. These briefs are designed to go beyond protective underwear to help protect you from moderate to heavy bladder leaking and maintain your dignity and comfort. At Comfort Finds, we know that millions of people can experience a loss of bladder control. It can happen to anyone, but it doesn’t mean it has to take control of your life. In our selection of Men's Incontinence Briefs, we have Men’s Reusable Incontinence Cool Dry Adult Briefs. These briefs feature a layer of ultra-soft cotton that is gentle on your skin, a wicking layer to pull moisture away from your skin, an absorbency pad that grabs and locks in fluids, and moisture proof barrier to keep you comfortable and protected. Our Men’s Reusable Incontinence Brief (Assorted Colors 3 Pack) fit like regular briefs, but they will keep you dry. These briefs are best for moderate bladder incontinence because they can hold up to 6oz. The briefs come in a pack with two gray pairs and one navy pair. All of our Men's Incontinence Briefs are reusable and machine washable. In addition to briefs, we also carry the Classic Mens Black Windbreaker Shirt for stylish, lightweight protection from wind and rain. This windbreaker is an excellent option for playing golf or going to baseball games, and its lightweight nature makes it easy to pack and carry when you need it most. All of our products are designed so you can live without holding back. Please browse our selection of men’s apparel to find what best suits your needs.

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